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will assure you the waters we fish provide for some of the finest
Sport Fishing found anywhere. 

Our season runs from May until the end of October.

Big Game Off Shore Charter   For the angler that likes an enduring workout.  Big-Game fishing for tuna, typically takes place 6 - 25 miles off shore with the action lasting through the beginning of October.  Massachusetts Bay and Cape Cod Bay are blessed by being a historical summering ground for the king of all sport fish, the Giant Blue fin Tuna.  Tunas ranging from about 100-lb are landed in the Bay but, often, average 500-lb. - 700-lb.  It is even possible to land a Giant that exceeds 1000-lb.!  Known for its brute strength and high speed runs, fishing for Giants comes as close as you can come to big-game hunting on the water. These fish are capable of 50MPH in bursts and necessitate Penn International 130 2-speed reels, custom rods.  Late in the month of June or early in July, we begin trolling for Blue fins using squid spreader bars, daisy chains of five rigged natural Mackerel, or other trolling techniques designed to search-out fish that have yet to settle-in on the grounds.  As July draws to a close, our techniques move toward bait fishing (chunking) at anchor as the fish set-up their daily feeding patterns on the ledges they call home for a few months.

The Blue fin tuna can be a valuable commercial species. It is possible for vessels with special State and Federal licenses, and a host of USCG mandated marine safety gear, to sell these fish on specific "Open" season days.  If, as part of our "Tuna-Team" you land a tuna large enough to be sold on an "Open" season day, and it sells for $1000- or more, you will be granted a free charter!  This policy is a very liberal one in the industry and has worked well for us.  It is important for anyone fishing with us to be aware of it before booking.  If you have any questions regarding this policy please contact us. 

Tunas that do not meet the minimum commercial size requirements that are captured during the "Angling Category" open season, may be retained by the charter party.  This catch is subject to any and all regulations mandated by the National Marine Fisheries Service.  As with all Federally controlled fisheries, the Season and Regulations can change quickly!

Live Line - Bait Charter   The cooler waters of May and June seem to hold the Striped Bass inshore where they are active feeders.  Big Bass can run 50+ lbs. The quantity of medium and schooling sized Striper's visiting our waters is phenomenal.  We are very pleased! Light tackle enthusiasts will enjoy tossing a popper or fly at the rock piles or shoreline.  If you are looking for the bigger fish, live lining a Herring, Mackerel, or drifting a chunk of bait is often the key to success.  As the waters warm, later, typically in July, the ravenous Bluefish invades with its tackle testing bad attitude.  These fish are just plain mean.  You will enjoy every blistering run!  Bluefish migrate into the area where they remain until late fall before they start their southward migration.  Fishing techniques employed by our charters as we pursue Striped Bass or Bluefish, include live bate, spin casting, surface trolling, deep water trolling, and long wire jigging.  Whenever possible we try to use different tackle to give the angler the opportunity to try a variety of fishing techniques.


Light Tackle Charter   This charter is for all anglers that enjoy fishing with light tackle spin gear.  We target striped bass and blues that fill our waters from May through October.  Morning and evening trips are available with morning trips strongly recommended for the best fishing.  This is one of our most popular charters.  All tackle and gear is provided.

Fly Fishing Charter    This trip is an enjoyable, laid back day of fly fishing.  It is open to experienced fly rodder's at all levels.  We target striped bass and bluefish from May Through October.  All gear is supplied or you may bring your own.   We will also have light tackle on board at your request, in case it is too windy to cast, or if you want a change of pace.  This is a great way to spend a morning or evening fly fishing on the Atlantic.

Bottom Fishing - Ground Fish Charter   This trip is especially for anglers that like to fish the bottom with jigs and bait.  Cod, Pollock, Haddock, Flounder, Fluke, Mackerel even Wolf Fish, and Striper and other ground fishes are taken by deep jigging or drifting bait.  Let us know what species of fish you like and we will tailor these trips around your desires.  A very relaxing way to spend time fishing.



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