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Marine Weather
                             What type of weather does mother nature have in store for your fishing adventure? 

Below are some valuable marine weather sites for you to explore all the circumstances, and then develop your plans for the expected  outcome, (Rain gear for showers, a hat, sunglasses and sunblock for the blistering sunshine, sweatshirts for overcast breezy days).




                National Data Buoy Center

                Northeast Doppler Radar 

                Sea Surface Tempature


The National Weather Service is the primary source of weather data, forecasts and warnings for the United States.  Television weathercasters and private meteorology companies prepare their forecasts using this information. The NWS is the sole United States official voice for issuing warnings during life-threatening weather situations.  Get your weather from the source.  Weather.Gov. Watches, warnings, forecasts and current conditions all by Radar, Satellites, and National Weather Maps.

The Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS) collects, analyzes and distributes historical and real-time observations and predictions of water levels, coastal currents and other meteorological and oceanographic data.

This is part of an integrated National Ocean Service program supporting safe maritime navigation, more productive water-born commerce, and the needs of the National Weather Service costal zone management, engineering and surveying communities. 

The Center manages the National Water Level Observation Program and the National Network of Physical Oceanographic Real-Time Systems in major U.S. harborsThis is where you could add a description of your product or anything you wanted to list with a description. You could also place testimonials or product reviews here.

The National Weather Service maintains offshore automated weather buoys that provide critical information, including wind speed and direction, wave height, pressure changes, and other key data about marine conditions and developing storms along the coast.

The data buoys are an integral part of the comprehensive observation system that allows local forecast offices to issue weather warnings and forecasts for the protection of life and property.  A very valuable resource.

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